2D Animation Studio

1. What is 2D Animation?

2D Animation focuses on creating characters, elements and backgrounds in two-dimensional environments. They are usually flat, which means they have one angle/side to them. 2D Animation works great for Explainer Videos/ How-It-Works films.

2. How can I be sure that the end product will meet my expectations?

We are good with concepts and having worked for different kinds of Companies, we can assure you that your expectations will be met. The end product will enhance your existing branding as well as add more character and value.

3. What is an ideal duration for 2D Animation Video?

There is no accurate length but we try to keep our videos short (60-90 seconds) as attention spans are getting shorter and viewers want to quickly move on to the next thing.

4. What is the estimated timeline for completion of 2D Animation Videos?

Generally 1-2 minute productions take between 3-4 weeks. This depends on your ability to get back to us during feedback time. If you need a video done quicker, we can adjust to fit your deadlines.

5. Can we mix and match our previous graphics in the current 2D Animation Video?

You can send us whatever graphics you'd like us to use in the animation, we will try to fit/sync those graphics according to our storyline.

6. I need a professional video for my product/service: Can I go for 2D Animation instead of a Live Shoot Video?

Yes, you can definitely go for 2D Animation as it has many benefits: a customized Graphic Video always stands apart as each Animated Film that we create looks and feels different. This gives your brand more importance and viewers anyway enjoy watching something new and different.

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