1. What is 3D Animation?

In 3D Animation, an element, once modeled, can be treated almost as a physical object. You can light it differently, you can move a camera to look at it from above, or below, or give it different types of textures. 3D allows you to create realistic objects that can be integrated seamlessly into live video elements.

2. What is an ideal duration for 3D Animated Videos?

The length of your video depends on your marketing goals. Generally these videos come in different lengths: from 30 seconds (if your product or service is really easy to explain) to 3 minutes or above (if your product or service needs extra time to explain).

3. Best utilization of 3D Animation?

3D Animation is widely used to explain Software Solutions, Product installations, Construction & Architectural designs and quite often used in Advertising, Mining and Gaming Industry.

4. Why is 3D Animation expensive?

3D Animation is expensive as it requires modeling of characters, texturing and lighting each sequence and layering all the render passes for each shot, together into one image. 3D Animation requires way more graphical work than 2D Animation due to the fact that 3D Animation is closer to reality.

5. How long does it take to complete a 3D Film?

3D Film can be completed within a month if the duration is between 1-2 minutes. However, if the film requires a lot of detailing then the timeline can be extended by another month.

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