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1. Why should we choose HRF for Advertisement/TV Commercials?

Our Advertisement budgets are cheaper than market rates. Not because we are doing unprofessional work or just trying to build a portfolio but because there really is no need to charge exorbitant rates for something that can be done at half the price. Having said this, we also aim to give your brands concept that will truly serve your marketing purpose.

2. Why do I need an Advertisement for my business?

Advertising lets people know you're in business. It conveys your business name and the type of products or services you offer. "Word of mouth" is said to be one of the best forms of advertising, and it's true. A satisfied customer will often tell others of their experience, which can result in future sales. Appearing on TV or in a Cinema Hall (apart from a front page coverage in a newspaper) is probably one of the best ways of expanding your presence.

3. What kind of Clients have you worked for?

Our Advertisement work has been done for tourism companies, mobile apps and jewellery brands.

4. How much does it cost to make an Advertisement?

The cost of running Television Commercials varies widely as it depends on which platform (TV, theaters, online video channels etc) you want to run your ad on. As for the cost to create the ad, certain production factors have to be taken into account: Actors required? Duration of shoot? Location or set shooting? Original score or licensing music and so on. However, our advertisement budgets are always 25% to 40% less than the market rates. We suggest you call us up, give us a brief so that we can give you a reasonable quote for an excellent concept.

5. What is an average timeline of the project?

Once the script and all production elements are locked, an ad shoot can be finished within a week.

6. What is an ideal duration for an Advertisement?

Commercials should not exceed 30-40 seconds. The final output can be edited to shorter versions for TV spots.

7. How do we find actors?

Based on your budget, we will find the actor(s). We have relations with agencies that provide professional actors.

8. Can my TV Commercial stream on my website?

We recommend it! The HD film can easily be uploaded onto any online platform. This will only increase visibility of your brand.

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