Animated Video Production

1. How many types of Animation do you offer?

We offer following types of Animation:
2D Animation
3D Animation
Parallax Animation
Stop Motion
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2. Do Animated Films look professional like Live Shoot Videos?

Animated films look as professional (sometimes even more professional) than Live Shoot Videos. Many Corporate Companies have opted for animated films over live shoot videos for the sake of showing things that won't have been possible or would have been more expensive with a Live Shoot Video.

3. What is Character & Non-Character Animation?

In Character Animation characters are used to explain a particular service or product. People find it easier to understand and empathize with, since they are easier to relate to. The style of characters you opt for should depend primarily on the mood of the video and the tone of the script. Non-Character Animation uses shapes, interface shots and other elements to explain a process or service.

4. Do you use Flat Icons or 3D Modeling?

We use Flat Icons in 2D Animation and 3D Modeling for 3D projects. We can also mix both depending upon the brief.

5. How can I be sure that my Animated Video will have the impact I want?

High impact is not just achieved with nice animation or good-looking graphics. Your story also needs to be clear and easy for your audience to understand and the editing needs to be concise so as to bring all different elements together in perfect harmony. We take pride in our creativity and having worked for different kinds of Companies, we can assure you that you are in good hands. The video will compliment your existing branding as well as add more character and value to your Company.

6. Can you add interactivity into the Animated Films?

Yes, this is possible. Interactivity can range from simple multiple-choice questions, over drag-and-drop or sorting exercises, to real game elements. Quizzes, assessments, and interactive info graphics: all of these are possible. Pricing will be based on the complexity of such interactivity.

7. Can we use our own visuals in the Animated Videos?

You can send us whatever visual you'd like us to use in the animation, provided you or your organization own the intellectual rights to these images or that you have the authority to use them.

8. What is an ideal duration for Animated Videos?

The length of your video depends on your marketing goals. On an average an Explainer Video comes out to be about 90 seconds, a video explaining a process comes out to be around 150 seconds and so forth.

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