Benefits of Animation in Marketing

Animation, contrary to popular belief, is a lot more than TV or YouTube. Companies also feel that it is an expensive affair and only large companies can use them in their marketing initiatives. However, animation is a very dynamic field and suits all kinds of budgets.

Benefits of Animation in Marketing

There are many animation production companies who would be happy to discuss your needs and the possibilities. Here are some reasons why you should contemplate using animation in your next marketing and branding activities.

  • Animation can be very powerful when it comes to getting the message across visually. Statistically, people retain visuals much more than they process texts. Ads that are made of attractive visuals can easily stay with your audience for a longer period of time, compared to the boring text ads that they wouldn’t read fully anyway.
  • In this new information age, content is being shared wildly and millions of content pieces are created every day. As a result, an average person has an attention span of only 8 seconds! If you want to attract the attention of your target customers, you need to take it to take your marketing to the next level. This is the reason when you use visually stimulating motion graphics, they tend to stay longer and your clients are much likelier to engage with your content.
  • We often feel at short of words when selling something that can best be described by someone who has experienced it, such as a service. Animation is a great way to explain the benefits by showing it and not just telling their target customers what they can do. Animation can get the message out more clearly and aesthetically.
  • Animation creates an environment similar to an actual setting with the help of special techniques, reducing the cost significantly. However, real videos can be a huge cost as it requires real actors/actresses, setting, production, editing etc. In animation, no need to make everything from the scratch. You can even show things that are unrealistic!
  • It is much more appealing when a story is told using animation effects. They can also reflect the personality of your brand better. Doing it in an artistic way can actually display your businesses’ prowess and enable your potential customers to form a better connection with you and your services.
  • The animation videos can be made entertaining that can share your brand message in a humorous way. There is no need for an advert to be boring, even if it is addressing important social issues.
  • It is obviously more memorable as visuals stimulate both side of the brain. Simply put, with effective animation, you can create lasting impressions with your customers that will stay with them for longer.

Animation may be mighty powerful, but just like any other content; just creating it alone doesn’t make the cut. Instead, it must be designed and fully integrated into your existing campaign to unleash its complete benefits.

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