Corporate Video Production

1. Why should we choose HRF for Corporate Films?

Our aim with Corporate Films is to create something exciting and unique that the Company itself can enjoy each time it shows the video to an outsider. We turn your brief into a great film in a very short span of time and always mix Live Shoots with engaging graphics so that the final result feels fresh, is engaging and delivers the point. Also, we are cheaper than other agencies dealing in Corporate Videos .

2. Why do I need a Corporate Video for my business?

The truth is that nobody needs a Video. Many Businesses run fairly well without a Video. The real question is, "Does a Video add value/revenue to my business?" The answer is a big YES. A Video helps in recalling a brand, explaining a process/product/service while engaging a customer or an investor (in our case, convincing the target market into investing in your brand). It gives your Company more value.

3. What sort of Corporate Clients have you worked for?

So far we have made Corporate Videos for Companies dealing in logistics, mobile exhibitions, buying & selling platforms and software solutions.

4. What does a Live Corporate Video production cost?

Cost of a Live Shoot Video majorly depends upon the number of days required to complete a shoot. Also, there are several others factors that must be considered while giving a quote; location of the shoot, number of crew members needed, type of camera and other additional equipment, kind of actor(s) we are hiring and so on. Hence, request you to share a brief with us and accordingly we will provide you with a quote. We assure you that our rates are way more reasonable than the market rates (considering the kind of quality we provide).

5. What is an average timeline to complete a Corporate Film?

The timeframe depends upon the nature and complexity of the project. If the shoot requires about 2-3 days of shooting then the final product can be ready in 2 weeks.

6. What is an ideal duration for a Corporate Film?

It can be as short or as long as you want it to be (as per your requirements) but a four-minute film is more than sufficient. Extending the duration could feel draggy.

7. Can you convert PowerPoint presentations of our company's seminar into short meaningful corporate videos that we can share on web?

Absolutely, and we will make it very dynamic so that it surpasses the limitations & monotonous nature of a PowerPoint presentation.

8. How do we find actors for our Corporate Film?

We have tie-ups with several casting agencies and based on your budget, we will find suitable actor(s).

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