Custom Tailored Videos

1. What is the quality difference between other styles of Animated Videos and Custom Tailored Videos?

Custom Tailored Videos in this context is being referred to a service you don't see listed on our website. The only difference between Customized Explainer Videos and this service is the technique used to execute the film.

2. In what all formats can Custom Tailored Videos be made?

It can be Stop-Motion Animation, Hand-drawn Classic Animation, Clay Animation, Animated Music Video, Paper Animation, Parallax Animation, Holographic Videos, CGI or anything else you want. Just talk to us.

3. Where all can I play Custom Tailored Videos?

You can utilize the video across numerous online promotional platforms as well as off-line, such as at events, television or packaged via DVD’s or pendrives to customers.

4. What is the duration of Custom Tailored Videos?

It totally depends on the purpose.

5. How long does it take to make Custom Tailored Videos?

The timeframe will totally depend upon the nature of the project.

6. What is the cost to produce a Custom Tailored Video?

The cost of producing a Custom Tailored Video can largely vary depending on the specific needs of the clients such as: length, type, detailing, level of customization etc. Hence, the easiest way to find out the cost is to fill the “get a quote” form on our website.

7. What is scope for creating a Custom Tailored Video?

Custom Tailored Videos are very helpful in ensuring that your projections and goals reach your customers in a short, yet precise manner that suits and compliments your existing branding. The effort that goes behind the making of these Custom Tailored Videos is much more extensive as each and everything is meticulously planned and executed as per the client’s requirement.

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