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1. What kind of Clients have you worked for?

From software services, solar energy, mobile apps, recruitment platforms, education, to retail, manufacturing, IT solutions, water conservation and bitcoin storage, we have worked for all sorts of Clients. You can see our work profile.

2. Do I have to meet you physically to tell you what I want?

Not necessarily. Most of our Clients are foreign based. Communication via email, phone, Skype has been more than sufficient.

3. We have a small budget. Is there any way you can give us a discount?

Tell us your budget and we will figure something out for sure! We're experts in trimming costs (that usually happens after we alter the brief).

4. What are the payment terms and modes?

50% advance prior to execution of project and 50% payment after the completion of the project. Payment can be made via Cheque / Direct Bank Transfer / PayPal also acceptable (Service Fee + Currency Conversion Fee) borne by the Client.

5. What all do you need from us/what will be our involvement?

We would require a brief from your end and for that we will send our Questionnaire Document. After that your approval/ feedback on each stage is required.

6. Who scripts?

Our package includes scripting. If you already have a script ready, then we can re-work the budget.

7. We already have a script, will you still create a video for us? / Will you correct or improve our script?

Absolutely! If you are using your own in-house resources to develop a script, we will still collaborate with you. Our aim is to take your idea and execute it into motion. We will review and, if necessary, we will also fine-tune your script.

8. How do we decide on the look & feel of the film?

We will send across different sample looks for you to choose from. The sample looks will be based on the brief.

9. What all Languages can you provide?

We can produce the Video in any language you want.

10. What is the scope of revisions?

We always get approvals from Client before proceeding with anything. This leaves very little room for revision. If at all something does come up, we do the revisions happily.

11. What Video format do you provide?

High Definition in .mov/.mp4 or whatever you require.

12. What type of Video equipments /softwares do you use for Live Shoots as well as for animation?

Live shoot - Full frame Cameras (HD), professional grips and sound recording systems. Animation - We use professional and the latest software's (After Effects, Maya, 3D Max, Photoshop, etc).

13. Would you alter the film in future?

Absolutely. If there are minor changes then we do it for free. If there are add-ons, then we will charge only for additional work.

14. Can you improve an existing Video?

Oh absolutely! Just share your video with us and let us do our magic.

15. What is the process of cancellation?

You can cancel your project at any stage. The charges will be applied for only those stages that were approved at your end and completed at ours.

16. Who owns the right to the video?

You will own full rights to the Videos we produce for you.

17. Do you add your logo/credit at the end of the video?

No, unlike other Companies, we do NOT place our name anywhere in the video. We only reserve the usual right to add the finished, published video in our portfolio of work samples. We only show our logo in the videos which we have added in our portfolio.

18. How do we integrate the video into our web page?

After we have delivered the final files, you're expected to implement the files on your website yourself or have it implemented by your website developer. You can even upload to various paid/non-paid video platforms like Youtube or Vimeo.

19. Are you willing to sign client contracts, such as an NDA form?

Yes, outside of our own letter of agreement, which we have all new customers sign, we are willing to sign any contracts in order to protect your privacy.

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