1. What are Marketing Videos?

Marketing Videos as the name suggests are videos made with the purpose of marketing a product/service/message. They could fall under the category of Television Commercials, YouTube viral videos or even campaign films. Such videos are not restricted to any platforms and can work with any story line: direct or in-direct, as long as the purpose is solved.

2. In what all formats can Marketing Videos be made?

It can be Live Shoot, Animation, Montage of Photographs with audio, anything that is sending out the purpose of the film.

3. Where all can I play Marketing Videos?

You will be able to add your video to the Website of your choice. You can also play it on TV, digital platforms, at events and even distribute through DVD's.

4. What is the duration of Marketing Videos?

An ideal duration of Marketing Videos is 15 seconds to 2 Minutes depending on your purpose.

5. How long does it take to make Marketing Videos?

It can take as short as a day to as long as 3 weeks. Totally depends on the brief.

6. What is the cost to produce a Marketing Video?

The cost to produce a Marketing Video can largely vary depending on the specific needs of the client such as: length, type (2D, 3D Animation or Live Shoot), level of customization etc. Hence, the easiest way to find out the cost is to fill the "get a quote" form on our website.

7. How does a Marketing Video help companies in overall profitability?

Marketing Video is an excellent tool to build brand or message awareness and reliability, engage new and existing clients, or act as a sales tool, which will ultimately affect a company's bottom line.

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