Mobile App Demo Video

Why do I need a mobile app video?
These days nobody has patience to download & check if they require an app or not, plus there’s so much competition in the mobile app industry that a customer can easily be lured into downloading your competitors app. Hence, a mobile app video explains what you are providing with interesting visuals and captivates your potential customer immediately.

What kind of mobile app videos exist?
There are two types of mobile app videos. First is ‘How it works / Explainer videos’ and other is ‘Demo Video /Teaser Video.’

Which all videos can be made for a mobile app (2D, 3D or Live shot)?
All types of videos are possible. It depends on your requirement and budgets. Let’s assume the idea is to create a simple explainer video, and then 2D animation is best suited as it not just of great quality but also the cheaper option.

What should be the duration of a Mobile App video?
Ideally, one should not cross the limit of 30 seconds. It should range between 15-30 seconds for a Demo video. But for an explainer video range of time duration could be between 30-90 seconds.

Is a Mobile App really helpful?
Yes, indeed it is. As many companies only have pictures or description mentioned on the app store, a Video will only enhance their credibility. Moreover it captivates user’s attention easily.

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