Motion Graphics Video

1.What are Motion Graphic Videos?

Motion Graphic Videos are graphic representations of information, which are animated. They can be made with characters, shapes, numbers, pictures and other elements that the Client wishes to include. Real imagery (such as screenshots of your mobile app interface or videos of your product) can be mixed-matched with motion graphics.

2.What else are they called?

They are also known as How-It-Works Films, Explainer Videos, and Infographic Videos.

3.Can my existing Graphics be Animated?

Yes they can. We will of course have to evaluate the graphics before committing to any work.

4.What is an Ideal duration of Motion Graphic Video?

The Length of the video depends on your requirements. On an average it comes out to be 90 seconds.

5.How long will it take to make a Video?

On an average it takes anywhere between 4 to 5 weeks.

6.What does a Video cost?

The cost of a Motion Graphic Video production depends on the complexity of the project. We request you to fill the "get a quote" form on our website to get an accurate cost of your project.

7. How can Motion Graphic Video enhance my business?

Motion Graphics are used everywhere, from Television Commercials, Corporate Videos, website films to even music videos. The development of Motion Graphics enables companies to communicate with some of the most cutting-edge methods in digital media today. For businesses big or small, it is an effective way to build and maintain brand relationships.

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