Product Video

1. Why should we choose HRF for Product Videos?

We provide different kinds of Product Videos: 2D, 3D, Live Shoots or any combination of the above. We don't just translate a look of a product to film but instead explore each and every feature: from its technical specs to its benefits and execute the film accordingly.

2. Why do I need a Product Video for my business?

Product Video helps to engage with your customer and showcase your product from all angles. You can utilize the video across numerous online promotional platforms as well as off-line, such as at events or packaged via DVD's to customers. Watching product videos creates a direct interaction with a customer, as he/she is able to visually understand the workings of the product. Gone are the days of manuals packaged with products or text instructional PDF(s) posted on websites.

3. What kind of Product Videos have you made for your clients?

Product Videos have been made for digital signage packs, solar lamps and mobile apps.

4. What is the costing of a Product Video?

There isn't a definite answer to this question, in part because there isn't just one type of video. Product videos can be 2D, 3D Animation or a Live Shoot Video (even a combination of all) and can vary in their production complexities and creative processes. Hence, we request you to share your brief with us so that we can give you a definite quote (or an approximate).

5. How long will it take to produce a Product Video?

Totally depends on the brief but on an average, a Product Video takes anywhere between 3-4 weeks.

6. What is an ideal duration for a Product Video?

Duration of Product Videos depends on what all needs to be shown. It can be as short as 2 minutes to as long as 7 minutes.

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